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Rtanj has located about 20 km from Sokobanja and it represents a natural phenomenon of Karst relief. The foot of the mountain can be reached by car on asphalt in 25 minutes. Today, it is one of the most favorite destinations for
mountaineers, cyclists, and even scientists. In its appearance,
Rtanj is a natural pyramidal structure. However, after measuring its dimensions, it was concluded that it is a geometrical ideal pyramid. Mountain with two faces. The north side is wooden and full of meadows, while the south side, the one facing Sokobanja, is bare. The base of the mountain is rocky while the top is made of limestone, so all the water from the top flows into the base where the source of drinking water is. Mountain Rtanj is famous for the medicinal herbs that grow on the slopes of the mountain and from which the popular Rtanj tea is made. Everyone who comes to
Sokobanja asks to drink the famous Rtanj tea (Saturea Montana) which has been proven to be good for boosting immunity.